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Preparation is important but remember, you’re not on your own! There are many funding options for you here at OCAD U and otherwise. Read on for resources to help you get financially ready for your undergraduate degree!

Figuring out your financial plan helps to ensure success in your undergraduate degree. Being ready financially will help you to focus on your creative practice, classes and getting the most out of your time at OCAD U. 

There are many ways to support your education costs: scholarships, bursaries, on-campus jobs and more!


OCAD U's undergraduate entrance scholarships and awards range from $500 to $5000!

All new, full-time, first-entry undergraduate students enrolling in first year will be automatically considered. You’ll need a strong portfolio or supplemental items and good academics, so keep up the hard work! Check out our portfolio pages to learn about strengthening your portfolio/supplemental application materials.

In-study Scholarships, Prizes and Awards 

When you’re at OCAD, you’ll be able to take advantage of even more scholarships and awards. 

  • In-study scholarships recognize overall academic achievement and are given at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year levels of your program. These scholarships can range from $100-$4000! 

  • Prizes are given within both the Scholarship and Awards Programs and are of non-monetary and/or of monetary worth. ie. Professional membership, equipment and rental, etc. 

  • OCAD U Awards and medals recognize achievement in each program major at the fourth-year level normally through a juried competition at the end of each academic year. Awards are given as cash awards. 

For more information, visit Scholarships and Awards 

Government Loans

Government programs like the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provide financial aid to students enrolled in post-secondary studies.

Loan programs can help pay for costs relating to your education such as tuition, books, compulsory fees, transportation and associated living costs for students who qualify Keep in mind that typically, this is money that you will have to pay back to the institution that loaned you the money. Some programs, like OSAP also include grants (money you keep!). 

For more on loan programs for Ontario residents, other provinces within Canada, or applications from the United States explore more here

Keep in mind that international students are not eligible for government assistance through Canadian Federal and/or Provincial loan programs. Check out International Tuition and Finances for more information about tuition, scholarships and bursaries geared to international students. 


Bursaries are non-repayable awards given primarily on the basis of financial need.

Bursaries are intended to supplement, not replace, other sources of funding that students may have for their studies. 

We offer emergency bursaries to provide one-time, short-term assistance to students experiencing financial difficulties beyond their control. 

A few bursaries and grants are also available for students with disabilities to assists with the costs of disability-related services or equipment that are required to participate in post-secondary studies. 

Learn more about OCAD U bursaries and the application process

Employment Opportunities

There is also the chance to work at OCAD U while you study!

The University offers many on-campus employment opportunities (You could be a campus tour guide, IT/AV support, study-group leader, etc.) through the Institutional Work Study Plan (IWSP). Learn more about working on campus here

Regardless of your program or residency status, our Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers (CEAD) can help you find work or internships off campus with one of our 400+ experiential learning partners. Learn more about the CEAD

Money Matters Financial Aid Presentation

Financial Aid & Awards Info Session Recording

Hear from financial aid and awards, to learn about how to begin funding your academic journey.