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Transferring to OCAD University

Education is a lifelong process: As a student, you may take breaks, change paths, or start something completely new. Transfer students enrich our classrooms and campus community with valuable skills, knowledge, and life experience. We welcome you to choose OCAD University as the next step in your education and career.

Have you previously studied at the post-secondary level? There are several ways in which students with previous post-secondary education can have their experience recognized.

There are 3 transfer options at OCAD U: 

  1. Transfer Credit Requests from First Year Students
  2. Upper Year Entry (advanced standing)
  3. Articulation Agreements & Transfer Pathways
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Transfer Options at OCAD U

Not sure if you qualify for transfer credits or should apply for upper year entry or through an articulation agreement? Watch this video to learn more.

Your Next Steps

Learn about the process, deadlines, and requirements for each transfer option.
Articulation Agreements & Transfer Pathways
Link to Articulation Agreements & Transfer Pathways

Please see OCAD University's Prior Learning Assessment Policy for more information, and our Residency Requirement Policy which states that at least 50% of a student’s degree requirements must be completed in residence at OCAD U.

Outside of the 3 transfer options above, we also have options for Course Challenge, Second Credential, and Special Student Status.

Course Challenge is for students who can demonstrate through informal or unconventional means, that they have acquired the knowledge covered by a specific course offered at OCAD U. The Course Challenge request form and questions related to this should be directed to the Office of the Registrar at reghelp [at]

Second Credential is for OCAD U graduates who are interested in returning to OCAD U for another degree in a different program.

Special Student status is for non-program students who want to take courses for credit at OCAD U. Please see Special Students for more information. Questions related to this should be directed to the Office of the Registrar at reghelp [at] Students who have completed OCAD U credit courses before formal admission to a program may request that these courses be credited toward their program requirements. Approval is granted at the discretion of the appropriate Dean in the appropriate Faculty Office. 


Questions related to transferring to OCAD U can be directed to Leiko Shimizu, Senior Admissions & Transfer Officer at Lshimizu [at] or 416-977-6000 Ext. 308​