Draw confidently and rapidly at a large scale.


People love drawing people. The human form is one of the most challenging and captivating subjects. In this 5-hour drawing workshop, work with a professional life model in tight-fitting clothing so that you can learn how to draw confidently and rapidly at a large scale. 

By exploring a variety of paper types and sizes, learn how to make different mark-making gestures with coloured charcoal and chalks that add value and weight to your work and discover tips on figure drawing proportion and foreshortening. 

At the end of the workshop, you will take photo documentation of your drawings suitable for including in your portfolio and sharing online. You will also know how to care for and store your large drawings at home. 

In this clinic we'll work on...
  • how to draw and proportion the figure in large formats
  • how to use different drawing techniques with charcoal and chalk
  • how to use value, scale, contrast and highlight in your drawing
  • how to photograph and document work for your portfolio 
You may be interested if you're into...
  • Drawing / Painting
  • Fine Arts
  • Architecture / Interiors
  • Games / Animation
  • Publishing
  • Visual Communications
What to Bring

Please bring the following materials:

  • Sketchbook or notebook  
  • Pens, pencils, or other mark making tools 
Workshop Details
Portfolio Clinic
The Figure in Large Scale Drawing
Echo Railton
  • Sunday January 15, 2023
  • Saturday January 28, 2023
  • Saturday February 4, 2023