Explore the process of making scale models.


The translation of 2D renderings to 3D tangible objects is an indispensable part of the production and development of designs. Utilizing inexpensive materials to create design sketches is a key aspect of trying out ideas offering insight into aspects of the design that need to be seen to be understood. 

This 5-hour workshop will explore the process of making scale models. You will be given a selection of famous chair designs to choose from, including a chair to model. The workshop will discuss and demonstrate how to calculate scale, formulate a cut list, and plan for a project made from sheet materials. 

This workshop will include the use of sharp knives. It will be a brief foray into the process of many artists and designers who fabricate scale models of designed objects. You will leave with a finished object to bring home and an understanding of the design process for scale model making. 

In this clinic we'll work on...
  • Design process from ideation to production 
  • Use of orthographic projection to translate a 2D drawing into a 3D physical object 
  • Manual fabrication and scale model making 
You may be interested if you're into...
  • Industrial Design
  • Sculpture/Installation
  • Products / Packaging
  • Wood / Metal / Plastics / Ceramics
  • Architecture / Interiors
  • Drawing / Painting
What to Bring

Please bring the following materials:

  • Sketchbook or notebook 
  • Pen, pencils, or other mark making tools  
Workshop Details
Portfolio Clinic
Design a Scale Model of a Chair
Ellie Oram
  • Saturday December 10, 2022
  • Sunday January 15, 2023